Erik Dolk

Art direction & graphic design

Selected work 2010


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Who am I?

Well, you tell me.
I am currently studying graphic design at Berghs School of Communication, Stockholm. My passion is within typography,illustration and visual communication in the printed media.

I graduate this spring so I guess it's time to shape up and get a job. If you like what I do feel free to drop me an email.

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010

Role: Designer
Type: School assignment

Typographic poster for Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010. The idea was to create a strong characteristic typeface to be the carrier of the identity for the fair.

This was an assignment in a course with Barbro Ohlson Smith.

The Art of Trix

Role: Designer
Type: School assignment

"The Art of Trix" is a personal collection of photo manipulations. The book has the proportion 7:5 and is typographed in Helvetica Neue Bold. The content is 28 photo manipulations all on the same body, only the face has been modified.

Tshirt Store

Role: Illustrator
Type: T-shirt design

Here are some selective prints I've designed for Tshirt Store. Some prints are more conceptual than others, but I try to have fun with it, mixing styles and expressions with pop cultural references.

Tshirt Store have numerous stores in Sweden and are expanding rapidly. Check for more information.

Rookies by Rookies — Ida Pyk

Role: Art director
Type: Fashion photography

Rookies by Rookies was a collaboration project with Berghs School of Communication and The Swedish Fashion Council. Our task was to streangthen the brand of Ida Pyk. The designer, model and out-and-abouter Ida Pyk is the core of her own brand and therefore the central figure in the campaign.

Photographer: Viktor Gårdsäter

Happy Wrapping

Role: Designer
Type: Illustration

During my internship at Happy F&B I helped designing the gift paper for Christmas ‘09.
The concept was “The Little City Architect” and invites everyone to be creative with their gift wrapping. We produced three sets of textures (wrapping paper) and a set of stickers so that it’s possible to create and design small architectorial buildings. The stickers had details in gold foil and UV gloss.

This was a collaboration with Viktor Waldås.

Den alternativa pensionen

Role: Art director/illustrator
Type: Advertising

"Den alternativa pensionen" managed to get silver at swedish advertising competition Guldlådan. The client was and they wanted to get people to their webshop during the holidays. The idea was simple. "Shop at and save time, time you can invest in your children."

This was a collaboration with Viktor Waldås, Elistabeth Fischer and Linus N. Bertholdsson

Ekster type

Role: Designer
Type: School assignment

Typeface/illustraion based on the art work of Russian–Ukrainian painter Alexandra Ekster.

American Scream

Role: Designer
Type: School assignment

Book design for the explicit and censored stand up comedian Bill Hicks biography. The pocket–size book is typographed with Helvetica Bold and Adobe Garamond Pro.



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